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The production of biogenic fuels will be of enormous importance in the future. Sustainable production possibilities combined with minor environmental hazards, low investment costs and general usability of the product in traditional engines and burners are the outstanding characteristics of the CPD-Technology (Catalytic-Pressureless-Depolymerisation).

CPD-SWISS develops and builds industrial plants based on the CPD-Technology. Pioneering energy projects assumes the CPD-SWISS as a project partner and/or general contractor, worldwide.


CPD-250 ProduktionsanlageCPD-250 Produktionsanlage


With the aid of CPD technology, waste materials such as agricultural waste, animal waste, biomass, paper, plastic and waste oil are converted into a high-quality, liquid energy carrier (diesel, kerosene), without additional adverse effects on the environment and CO2-neutrally.


With the CPD process (Catalytic Pressureless Depolymerisation), high-quality synthetic diesel fuel is produced from waste containing hydrocarbons at low production costs.

CPD technology offers the unique possibility to combine tapping into the new sources of energy of the future with active environmental protection. With the CPD process, almost all organic materials and waste materials such as biomass, refuse, plastic, etc. can be converted into high-quality synthetic diesel. The CPD process opens up the opportunity to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels in a socially responsible way.

In order to implement our vision, we are constantly seeking partners for projects in Central and South America (Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, etc.), Africa and the Far East (India, Malaysia, Thailand, etc), as well as in Europe.


We do not use any potential foodstuffs for the production of fuels!